We have the capability and expertise to achieve virtually any specifications efficiently and cost effectively, regardless of the dimensions and complexity. We deliver exceptional repeatability and consistency utilizing latest technologies for production. For specialized parts or industry requirements, we have complete high-end capabilities. We work for our customers to provide castings of the highest possible quality, on time, and at competitive prices, with our goal of reducing their overall costs.

We focus on providing following core and value-added services

01. Quality output

  • High-quality Precision investment castings  from 5 Grams to 80 Kilograms in single piece. Thin walled castings- as low as 2 mm

  • Near-net shape castings, eliminating or substantially reducing the need for expensive  machining operations

  • Close dimensional tolerances

  • Excellent surface finish

  • Castings totally free from blow holes

  • Castings of Radiographic quality, meeting the demand of aerospace and nuclear power industries

We have specialised heat treatment facilities

02. Design assistance

  • Design assistance & component analysis utilizing Solidworks three dimensional drawing capabilities and alike softwares

  • Computerized solidification modeling to ensure sound castings prior to the job going to the shop floor for production

  • Tool / Die design from simple single cavity to multi-cavity and semi or fully automated tools

We support our clients right from design development to mass production

03. Specialized alloy development and assistance

  • Cast metal alloys in a very wide range including low and high steels, stainless steels, tool steels, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloys, and copper based alloys

  • Consultation services to assist with metallurgical issues

We specialize in developing wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys

04. Testing and inspection facilities

  • All NDT testing capabilities including radiography, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, and ultrasound

  • Full metals testing capabilities including chemical analysis, mechanical testing, charpy testing, metallography, grain size analysis, and corrosion testing

We have an advance metallurgical testing & various special testings facility

05. Value added services and facilities

  • Full machining services facilities available including multi-axis CNC capabilities

  • Full range of heat treatment facilities available including annealing, solution annealing, normalizing, quench and temper, case harden, nitriding, vacuum, and age hardening

  • Full range of surface treatments facilities available including passivation, plating, painting, or polishing

  • In-house surface preparations facilities available including shot blast, grit blast, sand blast, and glass beading

Our investment casting’s near-net-shape parts require less machining