We have an exceptional advance processes necessary to deliver the precise specifications you require for your castings. We have finely honed our casting processes to produce the highest quality and most consistent parts from the smallest and simplest castings to highly complex parts. Our unique investment casting process and capabilities is outlined below.


01. Drawing Preparations

Drawings are prepared as per customers requirements.

We have inhouse preparation and drawing digitisation facility. We use simulation, methoding, meshing and modelling via softwares like procast, quickcast, hypermesh & solidworks respectively.


 02. Making Wax Pattern from Dies

The die is prepared to customer provided specification. Wax is then injected into the tool to create patterns/ prototype that will hold precise dimensional requirements in the final castings.

Before sampling, we do 100% Die Dimensional Inspection, as per drawings. We insure truly sound casting and save a lot of trial time and make sure the casting comes perfect in the first batch production.

We have facility and experience for Die making on VMC M/C for any critical geometry components. 


 03. Wax Pattern Assembly

The Wax Patterns are assembled on to the sprue to form a tree like structure. 

Final Casting quality depends solely on the wax pattern Quality. We use Pattern wax and soluble wax for Accurate Pattern Making. Assembly Design is done to produce best yield with best quality. We do 100% pattern inspection, to deliver high precision castings.

Our Wax Pattern shop is centrally air-conditioned and well equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic wax injection presses and accessories.


04. Dipping and Coating

Successive Layers of Ceramic (A) and stucco (B) are applied to the wax assembly to form a hard shell.

We use, Zircon flour & sand, fused Silica and Colloidal Silica (water based) binder for different applications.

Our Shell Room is centrally air-conditioned and humidity controlled shell room with modern equipment for building strong shells. We have Equipment like slurry drums, rain fall sander, fluidized bed, jar –drum etc. We have temperature and humidity controlled drying room with dehumidifiers etc.


05. De-waxing & Shell Baking

The molds are flash-fired to remove the wax and then heated to 1800 degree Celsius & placed on a sand bed, ready for pouring.

We have highly reliable boiler-clave for de-waxing. And PID controlled shell backing furnace for uniform and accurate heating of shells.


06. Casting & Metal Pouring

Molten metal upto 3000 degree Celsius is poured into the hollow mold and then cooled.

We use standard quality scrap to ensure best metallurgical quality of casting materials.

We have high frequency induction melting furnace (175 kg) with 2 crucible with capacity of 150 Kg and 200 Kg. & spectrometer for analysis of metal. 


07. Knockout and Cutting

The ceramic shell is broken off and the individual castings are cut away. Excess metal is removed and surfaces are finished through sand blasting or shot blasting.

We supply casting without any gate and riser pads.

Our Fettling Shop is equipped with Machines like Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Abrasive Blasting, Belt Disc- Grinding, Welding, Pneumatic Grinding, TIG welding, Hydraulic Press for Straightening, etc.


08. Special Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is done to achieve desired material properties of castings.

We ensure quality heat treatment through study of microstructure.

We have inhouse In-house facility for heat treatment like; Solution Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, with temperature controlled Gas fired Heat Treatment Furnace. 


09. Testing and Inspection

Our Castings undergo thorough testing and inspection to ensure that they meet dimensional tolerances and specifications.

We apply 100% visual inspection followed by dimensional inspection.

  • We have in house equipment for testing hardness in brinell, vickers, rockwell, universal testing machine, ultrasonic testing, surface roughness checking, impact test

  • We have laboratory test incoming material like wax, coating material, scrap etc.

  • We have the capability to conduct test like magnetic particle inspection, co-ordinate measuring machine(CMM), profile checking by profile projector, microstructure testing, fluorescent penetrant inspection, radiographic examination etc.


10. Precision Machining

Our castings undergo further machining to achieve accurate specifications (if required)

We have an advance machining facilities like precision machining including broaching, honing, profile grinding. Lapping, CNC turning & Vertical Milling etc.


11. Special Surface Finishing

Our castings undergo various surface treatment if required.

We have an advance surface finishing facility like electro polishing, electroplating, chrome plating, special heat-treatment, induction hardening, phosphating etc.


12. Packing, dispatch and real time order tracking system

Castings are securely packaged for delivery to customers.

To meet and exceed your expectations of excellence and consistency, we utilize an advanced quality assurance system to track, manage and document production every step of the way. Digital imagery and real-time information are displayed at each department to ensure that castings are manufactured to exact specifications. Throughout the process, vital tracking data is recorded, and changes are documented. Our process enhances a fundamental casting technique with today’s advanced technology.