01. One Stop Solutions

We have A ONE STOP facilities and infrastructure in-place from design to productions; so that customers do not depend on many people to get their final products. Read More

02. Flexible Designs

Our investment casting can accommodate nearly any design feature as per specifications provided by customers.

03. Range of Alloys

We use hundreds of different alloys to achieve cost- effectiveness and meet specialized needs of our customers. The near-net-shape process greatly reduces the need for finishing, which makes it practical to use a harder alloy, when beneficial. Read more

04. Parts Consistency

The wax patterns used in our investment casting are produced over and over again from the same tool. This ensures extremely consistent parts that meet required specifications and tolerances.

05. Surface Finish Quality

Our casting parts come right out of the mold with a very good surface finish.

06. Detail and Accuracy

Our investment casting can achieve excellent detail and accuracy. Very little additional machining is necessary for details and features. Read more

07. Lower Production Costs

Our investment casting’s near-net-shape parts require less machining; its tooling is less expensive; and the tools have a longer life than other processes.

08. Production of Low & Complex Parts

Getting low and complex investment casting parts often result in high cost. Our Casting’s main thrust is in the production of low to medium order quantities at a very competitive price.

09. Less Process Time

The time it takes to go from initial concept to production utilizing the investment casting process is less than other production options. Products can get to market sooner, and companies can be more responsive to changing market requirements.

10. Real Time Order Tracking System

To meet and exceed our customers expectations of excellence and consistency, we utilize an advanced quality assurance system to track, manage and document production every step of the way. Digital imagery and real-time information are displayed at each department to ensure that castings are manufactured to exact specifications. Throughout the process, vital tracking data is recorded, and changes are documented. Our process enhances a fundamental casting technique with today’s advanced technology.