Functional, uniform, and chemically inert, FILT-SIL’s filtration silica sands and gravels meet the stringent specifications National Standard.

Industrial Water Filtration and Waste Treatment

  • Our silicas have the unique ability to absorb, suspend or settle out floc, colloids and bacteria, as well as removing iron manganese, without excessive head loss
  • Suitable for municipal waste water treatment, drinking water systems, residential and commercial well drilling, and environmental monitoring wells

Pool Filtration

  • FILT-SILT’s pool filter sand assures uniform flow rate and sharp filtration for cleaner water
  • Our angular silica grains are white in color and meet the specifications of major manufacturers of silica sand pool filters
  • Ecologically safe, chemically inert and safely disposable
“SWAN SILFIL” (Industrial SIlica) for Industrial Filtration & Treatment
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