This is where human physical excellence and product performance superiority meet – literally. High utility and multifunctional durability. Excellent drainage. Visual appeal. Recreation. Competition. And no margin for error.

We have developed several silica sands for golf courses, sand volleyball, and other fields of play. Our golf silica sands and blends meet International recommendations; our volleyball Silica Sands follow the Volleyball ¬†Association’s ¬†and are ideal for construction of collegiate, municipal and club sand volleyball courts. For other fields of play, our silica sands can be customized or blended to meet individual customer specifications.

Golf Silicas (Root Zone Silicas and Blends, Bunker Silicas, Top Dressing Silicas and Drainage Gravels)

These products, blended with high quality organics, meet certain recommendations, or can be blended to individual customer specifications. All mixes are designed to provide ideal infiltration rates, aeration and porosity requirements for greens or tee construction. Various blends of Divot Mixes are available using select silica, peat compost and soils promoting quick germination and natural beauty. Our golf silica sands and drainage gravels offer consistency in color and sizing, and are widely utilized at top courses.

Volleyball Silica Sands

Our Volleyball silica for the construction of sand volleyball courts uses the highest quality of sand, or suitable alternatives to meet individual customer needs. The sand selection is designed to create the following ideal volleyball court conditions:

  • Provide a desirable high-use playing surface
  • Create a multi-functional training venue
  • Reduce court maintenance requirements
  • Create durable facilities that will last many years

Silicas for Fields of Play

We offer quality tailored silicas and blends to meet a wide range of needs, including: sports turf; granular and turf track specifications; construction and maintenance of synthetic and natural sports fields; tracks for jogging and running; and horse tracks and arenas.

“SWAN SANDS” (Industrial Silica) for Golf Gourses, Sand Volleyball & Other Fields of Play
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