We are a supplier of high quality minerals to the rubber industry.

Our portfolio for rubber includes ultrafine kaolin, calcined kaolin, surface treated calcined kaolincalcium carbonate and ball clay.

Calcined kaolin

Calcined Kaolin offers superior reinforcement, excellent extrusion and compression set, all important properties to the designer of rubber compounds and articles. Calcined kaolin is chemically inert and our grades have low heavy metal content properties which are beneficial when making pharmaceutical stoppers.

When included in cable insulation compounds, calcined kaolin and surface treated calcined kaolin improve mechanical and electrical properties, reducing energy losses in power transmission.

Ultrafine kaolin

Kaolin offers semi-reinforcing properties in most types of rubber compound, offering the formulator an alternative to more expensive synthetic materials. Kaolin also gives barrier properties which are beneficial when formulating compounds for hoses and gaskets.

Ball Clay

Ball clay, offers more reinforcement than Kaolin, as a result of it’s finer particle size. Often referred to as hard clay, it gives excellent compression set and abrasion resistance. A common application for ball clays is in the shoe soling and rubber floor mat industry.

For rubber applications that do not require the mechanical properties offered by calcined kaolin, kaolin or ball clay, calcium carbonate is often added as a filler. 


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