We have an in-depth knowledge of the specific properties of each minerals in the various grades providing added-value for its customers’ applications:

• Traditional ceramics: tableware, tiles and sanitaryware.

• Engineering ceramics: catalyst supports, electrical porcelain insulators and technical ceramics (cordierite, steatite and aluminous bodies).


We offer a complete product portfolio on the market: ball clay, kaolin, feldspar, talc and prepared bodies for all sanitaryware applications.


From our mines and installations we have developed a comprehensive offering for the tableware industries.


We provide tile manufacturers with a variety of consistent blended minerals for super white, glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles, and monoporosa.

Engineering Ceramics

We have resources and experience in serving the historical ceramic markets (sanitaryware, tableware and tiles) to develop range of mineral solutions for use in engineering ceramics. Our products are used in a wide variety of industries to manufacture advanced ceramic components.

Key parts of our portfolio for engineering ceramics include:

• Catalyst supports
• Electrical porcelain insulators
• Technical ceramics (cordierite, steatite & aluminous bodies)