We are supplier of high quality mineral additives to the paint, ink and coatings industries throughout India.

Our portfolio includes calcium carbonate (marble and chalk whiting powders and slurries), kaolin,calcined kaolin , mica and feldspar.

Our minerals particle shape, size, colour and chemistry allow important paint properties to be modified, allowing you to control the quality and performance of your formulation.
As well as modifying paint properties our opacifying extenders can deliver significant TiO2 savings, while maintaining paint quality.

Paint properties we can modify significantly are whiteness, opacity and gloss. Depending on the formulation, our materials can also modify rheology, paint stability, stain resistance and barrier properties.

Some of our products are ultra-fine kaolin TiO2 extender designed for high gloss water paints, and some products are a fine kaolin extender for decorative water-based semi-gloss and silk paints.


Paints & Coatings